Welcome to TECHNICHE                                                       

V R TECHNICHE is one of the fastest growing consulting companies in India. It is a market leader in the areas of travel demand estimation and multi-level fully automatic parking projects. The Company has an interdisciplinary team consisting of highly qualified individuals.

The Company offers solutions in the field of traffic engineering, transport planning, highway design, bridge design, pavement engineering, pavement maintenance management, fully-automatic and semi-automatic multi-level parking systems, PRT systems, etc. V R TECHNICHE offers these solutions at pre-bid stage as well as at implementation stage.

It also has solutions for urban transportation planning, like, demand estimation and planning for public transportation systems, preparation of comprehensive mobility plans, demand estimation and planning for PRT systems, preparation of traffic circulation plans, traffic impact assessments, etc.

The data base available with V R TECHNICHE on Indian Roads vector is massive and spans over a decade. This helps the company in accurate and reliable forecasts of traffic and revenue, and in evolving optimal pavement design and maintenance strategies.

V R TECHNICHE is an active participant in Research and Development and has developed a number of forecasting tools which model the Indian travel behaviour much better. The traffic assignment model developed for assigning traffic onto highway network produces reliable link flows and is preferred by various clients of V R TECHNICHE.

The clientele of the Company includes government departments (central and state), all leading infrastructure developers, most of the banks and infrastructure financing institutes that fund PPP road projects, investors and PE firms.

The Company handled international projects also.

V R TECHNICHE currently operates out of two offices, one at NOIDA and the other at Hyderabad.